We have trained the deadliest warriors
to ever defend "Old Glory".

We guarantee


Charlie Mike Precision provides the best Long Range, Pistol, and Carbine courses in the world.  We guarantee to improve your shooting skills whether you are a novice or competition shooter.

We teach combat proven courses of instruction based on the 7 principles of Marksmanship and teach you how to practice them perfect.  Through perfect practice and repetition, you will build muscle memory.  Shooting will become a motor skill like walking or breathing with adequate amounts of practice. 

CMP is based out of Normangee, Texas where we have a 1000 yd range as well as steel pistol and carbine ranges.  

Lodging and meals are available if you are traveling from another state or we can come to you if there are ranges available in your area.  If we come to you a minimum of 6 people are required and our lodging and travel is added to the cost.

Live Fire Training

Long Range Rifle Training

Our Long Range Course will teach you how to shoot a sub-minute grouping from 100-1000 yards.

Carbine Training

Our Carbine Course will teach you to safely shoot, move and accurately engage targets 5-300 yards.

Pistol Training

Our Pistol Course will teach you to safely draw your weapon from a holster or concealed carry, shoot, move and accurately engage targets 5-15 yards.

CMP Long Range Course Online

Now nothing is as good as training with us in person, but we know some people just don’t have the ability to do that.  So we have turned our Long Range Rifle course into an online course. 

The Long Range Online Course costs $297.95. That cost will be deducted from the actual course when you come out.

What You Will Learn:

  • Gun Safety
  • Principles of Marksmanship
  • How to correctly set up your rifle
  • Environmental effects on shooting
  • How to choose ammo and equipment
  • And much more.