Phenomenal Optics Cleaner - You GOTTA SEE WHAT YOU WANTA SHOOT

This is a powerful, yet gentle, micro thin NPL (Nano Polymer Layering) lens cleaning & protection technology

  • Best optics cleaner available
  • Powerful, yet gentle
  • Multiple benefit properties

Crystal Clear™ advantages:

  • Gentle, powerful and effective cleaner
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will not build up or discolor surfaces
  • HD refractory properties
  • UV sunlight resistant
  • Excellent Anti-fogging capabilities
  • Anti-oxidation & anti-static protection
  • No ammonia or petrochemicals
  • Perfect for smart phones, sunglasses, cameras… all surfaces
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST

Additional “GOOD Stuff” to know

Shooters don’t think to much about cleaning lenses, but they should.  This fantastic formula doesn’t give you the same type of clarity that Spartan generals got from the Oracle of Delphi before they went into battle, however it does help give you a clearer view of your target.  Not all lens cleaners are alike, nor are they all safe for optics with specialty coatings.  Our formula has a long and successful history of use on high value optics, including cameras, night vision goggles, aircraft cockpits, missile optic domes, laboratory microscopes and of course, eye and sun glasses.  Although Crystal Clear is the most subtle of our unique products, it fits as a nice complement into our line, and is never short on getting compliments from users!

Our proprietary lens cleaner & protectant will effectively remove smudges, spots and fingerprints without the use of harsh chemicals. As it cleans, the formula lays down a nano thin layer of polymers onto the surface for protection.  Since the thin dense layer of particles are not of uniform shape and size, light waves that hit the particles, splinter and refract away in scattered directions, resulting in slightly improved HD clarity.  This property also gives it anti-static and anti-fog characteristics.  It is an excellent exterior gun cleaner too!

(Available in 2oz, quart, 1 gallon and larger sizes)