CruxOrd Guide Rod Assembly GRA Gen3 Stainless Steel Guide Rod Glock 19 23 32 38

Gen 3 Stainless Steel guide rod

CruxOrd rods are precision machined with high quality stainless steel.  Our rods have a unique fluting that holds lubrication and traps fouling.  They have less surface area which means less friction less friction equals faster smother cycling times.  The added weight helps with muzzle flip and also lets you change your spring to fit your shooting situation or just to replace wore out ones.  All rods come with factory suggested spring weights and fitted with ISMI springs.   Guide rods are oil injected, self lubricating for about 1500 rounds.

AS all of Crux Ordnance parts they are made in America. All of our parts are tested approved and used by members of military law enforcement and competition shooters.