Cobalt’s patent pending Pro Buffer System is among the most effective performance upgrades available for the AR-15 today. The user can balance the rifle’s operating system to enhance performance and reduce recoil. With the 4 weights provided, one can create a 2.6, 3.6, or 4.6 ounce buffer. Four different springs are available. This comprehensive selection of weights and springs allows for twelve possible configurations. This gives the user the options and capability to tune and optimize any rifle configuration. All calibers, barrel lengths, gas system types, and even an individual shooter’s styles can be improved by our buffer.

The ability to alter the recoiling mass, and independently control the rate of deceleration of the recoiling mass allows complete operator control over the timing and energies generated by your rifle. These options make it possible to get your rifle’s operating system in balance. Your rifle will run smoother, flatter, and cleaner.

Superior Engineering

We use low-friction, energy-absorbing polymers to make the buffer components- even the receiver extension is lined with a hard polymer film. In order to provide smooth, quiet operation, we tightly control the tolerances of the buffer, receiver extension, and recoil springs. The damper element in our buffer is made of a flouroelastomer that effectively kills kinetic forces before they translate into recoil. The simple design of the buffer allows you to change weights without tools.

Competitive Advantage

The Cobalt Kinetics Shooting Team (Keith Garcia, Kalani Laker and Rick Birdsall) used the Pro Buffer to win numerous competitions. According to the team, the Pro Buffer’s outstanding performance was a contributing factor to their success and numerous wins from 2015-2017. The Pro Buffer is among the most effective methods of enhancing handling characteristics and overall performance of your AR-15.

This Buffer System is standard kit on all Cobalt Kinetics Team rifle models.