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“We had students with a wide range of experience from beginners to SWAT team members.  Charlie and Phillip were able to adjust their coaching to fit the needs of the students.”

– Ardie Oji, Director
Matther Axelson Foundation

CMP Carbine/AR Course

Our Carbine course teaches the 7 principles of shooting. Throughout this course, you will learn to accurately engage a target that is anywhere from 15 to 300 yards from various shooting positions. We will go over magazine changes, malfunction drills, and transitioning to your pistol. Some other things we will go over are:

  • Body Position
  • Grip (Contact Points on Rifle)
  • Sight Alignment
  • Sight Picture
  • Trigger Control
  • and More!

The gear necessary for this course include:

  • Carbine with iron sights or optic
  • 3 magazines
  • 2 mag pouches
  • Single point sling
  • 500 rounds of ammo

This course will cost $600 for the 1-day session.