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About CMP

CharlieMikePrecision has put together a Team of Great American Professionals that take pride and are the best at what they do. Not only are they the best at what they do, they are also great at teaching their skillsets. The CMP Team has a range of experience from combat, shooting, hunting, guiding, competing, and Precision Rifle building that allows them to put together any type of training venue you desire. Our rifles are custom built and tested by a CMP Shooter before they are delivered. They offer the Best Long Range, Carbine, and Pistol Training Courses in the world. They start with perfecting the foundation.

Charlie Melton

“I’ve been taught by, trained, and worked with some of the top military and law enforcement snipers in the world.”

Born and raised in Macon, Georgia, Charlie joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 19. He completed the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL course Class 176 and checked into his very first SEAL Team, (SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team-2) where he underwent 3 deployments, and eventually served as a SEAL Delivery Vehicle Instructor.

Eventually, he became the Leading Chief Petty Officer of Sniper School. He went on two deployments as part of SEAL Team-5, and ultimately received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Sailor of the Quarter, Sailor of the Year for all SEAL Teams, and Runner-Up for PACIFIC-FLEET SOY.

Charlie served as the Operations Leading Chief Petty Officer of the Naval Special Warfare Unit-1 and was in charge of 14 Southeast Asian Countries. Later, he served as SEAL Team-1 Troop Chief and retired as Senior Chief Petty Officer in 2015. Since his retirement, he opened CharlieMikePrecision, a Tactical Force Company specializing in Long Range Rifle, Pistol, and Carbine Courses. Engineering the most accurate rifles available on the market.


The son of a Mexican-born German father who was the only of his family to immigrate to the U.S., Phillip grew up on a 3,000 acre cattle ranch in Flynn, Texas. He spent his evenings checking the pastures for pigs to keep them from destroying the hay fields and playing paintball matches with friends.

His shooting career began on the 4-H Shooting Sports team with bench target rifle, up to advanced senior target rifle. He went to State shooting competition for the Leon County shooting team 5 years in a row. Learning the discipline and art of shooting precision/accuracy. Total Shooting (1997-2006) 9 years.

In 2013 he returned to his home town to work at Texas Westmoreland Coal Company, quickly working his way to the top, becoming the youngest Dewatering Superintendent & recently offered to become part of the corporate team of over 16 mine locations in North America and Canada.

Phillip and Charlie met in July 2015, quickly forming a friendship. A week after mentioning to Charlie his goal of a 1000 yard shooting range, they built it. That is when Charlie began teaching him long range, as well as pistol and carbine. Following the Axelson Tactical grand opening, they received a lot of inquiries about long range training, and decided to open Charlie Mike Precision.

Randall W. Hendry

Proven leader with a results driven management style and over 25 years of experience including service as a U.S. Navy SEAL, Salt Lake City Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team Member, U.S. Government Protective Officer, and Tactical Skills Training Specialist. Experienced in planning, coordination, execution, and management of specialized operations in high risk operational environments. Specifically selected and assigned to support high priority USG operations globally. Excellent interpersonal skills, able to collaborate effectively with co-workers at all levels. Self-motivated and can work independently or in a team.      

Dustin Jones

Born in Houston, and raised on a ranch outside of Flynn, TX. Precision shooting was not only a hobby but necessary for hunting, eradicating feral hogs, and competitive shooting. He represented the Leon County 4-H 3-postion shooting team for 6 years, qualifying for state for 5 years, and placing in the top 10% his last year.

Fascinated with firearms and mechanical components, he built his first custom rifle at 12 years old and never has quit.
He graduated from Lamar University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering where fabrication, design, and hard work turned from a hobby into a living. Working in chemical plants several years outside of Texas and now in the deep-water oilfield as a subsea installation engineer for multiple operators. Though not related to firearms, he has been working with equipment undertaking complex variables second only to NASA and the pressure of being accountable for large multimillion dollar projects has created a work ethic of perfection only, applicable to the precision shooting scene.

Dustin and Phillip have been long time friends and is who he met Charlie through in 2015. The three of them have the same goal to produce the world’s finest training, custom combat/competition ready firearms, ammunition, and gun smithing.

Joe Cereghino

Joe Cereghino is a professional hunting guide, specializing in extreme backcountry hunts. Joe has operated his own outfitting business in the Eastern Sierra Mountains for over a decade. Joe’s passion is guiding and teaching his hunters to make an ethical shot while adapting to environmental extremes such as; harsh weather conditions, reading wind, high altitude and steep angles. Joe teaches efficient tactical approaches to those interested in developing their hunting and defensive skills.

Joe has over 20 years of experience as a professional outfitter, shooting instructor and being an avid outdoorsmen.

Prior to this he was a professional outfitter and guide in the Bitterroot mountain range and the Saw tooth mountain range in Montana and Idaho.

Joe began hunting and shooting at a very young age and developed a passion for the outdoors. His father gave him his first reloading set when he was 12 and he built his first wildcat rifle when he was 21 years old. Joe continues to design precision custom rifles for individuals while teaching them how to use their rifles to its own maximum performance, while working with limited training resources and what happens to our bodies under stresses that nature can bring. Joe strives to maintain a realistic approach in building a confident mental mindset and getting your rifle to perform with its maximum potential.

Brad Stair

Brad trained under some of the best gunsmiths in the world starting in the early 1970’s. He is a Master Gunsmith and Machinist who has evolved and kept up with the cutting edge changes in gun-smithing to date. He was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, the home of the Alamo. Brad has built some of the most accurate long-range rifles and cartridges in the world. He is dedicated to continuous improvement, with his passion for excellence he began building custom Sniper and long range target rifles, as well as custom handguns when he moved to Austin in 1976 and created Performance Guns in 1981. He has pursued his passion for over 40 +years, building custom guns and equipment mainly for Special Operators and S.W.A.T. He has also developed over 200 of his own Tejas cartridges. He currently resides in the West Haven, Utah.